A Woman With a Gift – Lakara Foster

Project Duration : 3 Months

Client Name : The Gift

When I sat in on my friends and publicist’s psychic reading, I gotta admit at first I was a bit skeptical. Upon leaving the reading with tears in my eyes, I had all the confirmation I needed that this medium was real.

Lakara Foster is a proud native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She currently stars in the new YouTube show “The GIFT”, a web series following her life as a Medium, Minister, and Spiritual Teacher. She shares her gift of helping reunite people with their departed loved ones and giving them the gifts of healing, closure, and peace while helping them to see death, life, and God in a new way. She was nominated Author of the Year for her book The Grown Woman’s Guide to Greatness, a spiritual development tool for women seeking a more powerful existence.

As a speaker, author, and spiritual development expert she has coached hundreds, empowered thousands, been featured in numerous publications and on several television shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show (guest), VH1’s Atlanta Exes as a Life Coach, and TV One’s Sister Circle as a Psychic Medium. Lakara holds a Bachelors in Psychology, a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Counselor Education from Florida A&M University. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia (Graduation May 2019).

The Gift is a reality television series about the life of Lakara Foster, a spiritual-coach (VH1’s Atlanta Exes), accomplished author and newly licensed minister who has been keeping a huge secret from her family and friends.  While everyone believes she only makes a living as an author, speaker, and coach, she has been secretly running an underground business with clientele all across the world.  Tired of practicing  in hiding, she is ready to risk it all by boldly and openly using  her peculiar gift of psychic/mediumship to help more people by reuniting them  with their departed loved ones, helping them overcome their greatest challenges, and giving them the gift of healing, despite the fact that she may receive backlash from those closest to her and possibly lose everything she has worked so hard for.