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Marketing Terms & Conditions

Please proofread text and verify artwork before approving your order. The customer is responsible for proofreading (spelling, logos, correct info, etc.). Carefully examine your proof before replying an approval. The purpose of a proof is to eliminate errors or dissatisfaction. By approving this proof you agree that design is correct and the designer does not take any responsibility of any errors.

-Tag Line-
All flyers, posters, and CD&DVD duplication’s will be discretely
branded with “ARTWORK BY STAR QUALITY FIRM • 786.664.STAR” in fine print (3-6PT font size).
If you would like this removed please notify your sales rep.

Please note that we only accept cash, credit cards, or money orders as forms of payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept checks. Orders MUST be paid in full before production begins. No refunds are given once payment is received. If your order has been paid for but not submitted only credit can be applied.

-Refunds and Returns-
Once placing an order, and printing or design work has begun NO REFUNDS CAN BE GIVEN. Please make sure FINAL PRINT FILES are uploaded at the time of purchase. Due to our quick turnaround time; jobs are laid out on printing runs immediately once orders are paid in full. Once a printing order has been set up on a run no refunds, cancellations, or replacements can be given. By checking the box you are agreeing with these terms.

-Cancellation Policy-
Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled, and we can NOT issue a refund. In addition, we can NOT accept any replacement files or revisions. Please make sure to provide us with the ‘Final Print Files.’ Partial refunds or credits will only be issued if STAR QUALITY FIRM is at fault.

-Accepted File formats-
Please save your files as JPGs at 300 DPI with an eighth of an inch bleed. We also accept PDF, EPS, and AI files. Just make sure to have crop marks in each corner to indicate where to cut. If crop marks are not added then the PDF will not recognize “white area” which will result in distorting your image. All files must be flattened, NO FONTS. In addition, Design your files in CMYK, NOT RGB.

-Print Files and Production-
STAR QUALITY FIRM cannot guarantee the EXACT COLOR and/or EXACT CUTS for ‘Gang Run’ service orders. Although, employees at STAR QUALITY FIRM will do everything in their power to make sure all colors match to the client’s satisfaction. If your job is color critical or must be finished to a specific size, please order a ‘Printed Proof.’ Prices and
turnaround times for jobs which require a printed proof will vary from advertised prices.

Our standard turn around for graphic design orders is 48-72 hours.
When placing your order a STAR QUALITY FIRM Representative will give you an estimated turnaround time. However, due to busy production schedules, electrical failures and severe weather conditions there are times when orders may be completed after the scheduled time. These situations are extreme. STAR QUALITY FIRM will do everything to make sure our clients receive their boxes ASAP. Nevertheless, turnaround times are not guaranteed. Turn around time is soley based on product type and service level desired.

-In Addition-
Date: Present

Authored by: shaleea lucki johnson dba/ STAR QUALITY FIRM
This Waiver and Acknowledgement is my own creation. I am the author of it and therefore have authority over it. This Waiver and Acknowledgement was created with the intention to correct my status and notify all governments and their agents that I am the spiritual human endowed with God-given rights and free will. My God-given lawful rights cannot be taken away from me and are above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, acts, statutes, and regulations, and laws made by man. I am not a legal fiction nor corporation. I am the peaceable, living, and spiritual human.

Any and all men and women, acting or not acting as government agents, who violate my God-given rights and cause harm to me shall answer to the Law and Justice System of God. All thoughts, intentions, and actions are known by God and there is no escaping His Laws.

Waiver and Acknowledgment,

From the beginning, with God as my witness, I, shaleea msm johnson, the spiritual woman created in the image of God, am acknowledging all blessings given by God, repenting all transgressions against God, and waiving all benefits without God.

Many Blessings,
Shaleea “Lucki” Johnson
Art Director / CEO
Star Quality Firm / Melanin Valley LLc.
Office: (678) 705-9575

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