Paster R. C. Blakes, JR.

Worship Can Be Fun

Taking on the task to help spread the lords word was a no question, but how do we make worship fun?  Star Quality Firm had the pleasure of serving Paster R. C. BLAKES, JR., the Senior Pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas. He is the eldest son of the late Bishop Robert C. Blakes, Sr. He and his brother Samuel oversee a network of churches and host a national television program. The family owns and operates KKNO, a Christian radio station in New Orleans. He holds a Master’s degree in Theology and is a sought-after conference speaker. R. C. and his wife, Lisa, are the parents of three daughters and a son.

We know that in today’s society you can loos site of our faith! We created a  series of social media inspirational campaigns to teach Paster Blakes how to engage his large congregation and simultaneously build a strong online presence in the world of new media! Pastor Blakes, we salute you as a gratitude of our Overnight Celebrity Package! God Bless the  child that’s technically inclined!

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